Wisdom on the Answer to Life

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It is normal for all of us to seek answers to the meaning of life. Why are we here? What should we do? How can we be really happy? It is natural to look for the answers to life.

But there is some powerful wisdom you should contemplate. And that pearl of wisdom is this: There Is No Answer!

We spend our lives looking for the answer. You know, the answer that will make us happy, whole, satisfied, successful. So we find an answer, like one the Buddha gave us. He said grasping is at the root of all suffering. So we then work hard to conquer desire and grasping in our lives.

Then we tend to think that non-grasping is the answer to everything in life. If only we could master it life would be great. But it doesn't work that way. Detachment and non-grasping are not the whole answer. They are just part of the equation.

You can spend years of your life trying to kill off desire within yourself and all the while you are full of the Desire to kill off desire. After several months or years of this you figure it out and go Oh well, I guess killing off desire and attachment is not the answer, not the smart thing to do, so Ill look for another answer

This is a common pattern in life. We will find answers, like being loving or being financially successful. We then work hard to fill our lives with more love or money. Only to find that it doesn't work. We aren't satisfied.

Here's the short of it. Any answer you find to make your life better can only be partial. It can't be the complete answer. Loving may be a great answer for you, for a while. So sure, work on being more loving. But don't try to make love the answer to life. Don't burden love with your hopes and needs to feel better about yourself.

So understand this. Any answer you find to living happily ever after will only be temporary. Partial. Not the whole thing. That's because life doesn't need to be solved or answered. Start to be okay with living in the question. Start to be okay not knowing or even needing an answer. There's more to this, but this can be a good beginning.

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Wisdom on the Answer to Life

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This article was published on 2010/03/31