How to Answer Interview Questions Effectively

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If you have an interview coming up soon for a job, MBA or maybe an exchange student place at a university then you should read this tip. This tip is suitable for both native speakers of English and people who use English as a second language.

I call this the 'ABC Method' this is what it means:

A = Answer
B = Body (content)
C = Conclusion

This is a very easy way of remembering how to answer questions effectively in any interview. Let me give you an example.

You are applying for an MBA and you are being interviewed, your interview question is;
'Why an MBA now?'

This is how you can answer (please note this is only a sample answer) using the ABC Method.

A = I have chosen to pursue an MBA now because...
B = I believe that to move forward in my career an MBA is necessary.
C = That's why I have chosen to do an MBA now.

As you can see my answer was broken up into three very clear parts, answer, body and conclusion. So why is each part so important?

A = answer
By beginning your answer with the initial question it reminds you of the question and also gives you a moment to construct your body.

B = body (content)
This is the main part of your answer and should be considered as such. Be sure to keep to the subject of the question. Also the sample body I gave is very short, you would be expected to give a longer answer in a real interview.

C = conclusion
The conclusion is important as it closes the answer for both the interviewer and interviewee. There is nothing worse than umming and aahing in an answer.

Now you know the 'ABC Method' I want you to do some ACTIONS.
1. When you practice your interview answers use the 'ABC Method'.
2. Record your answers and check that you have used the method correctly.
3. Repeat both 1 & 2 until you use the method correctly and confidently.

I hope your upcoming interview goes well and don't forget to leave some comments and feedback.


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How to Answer Interview Questions Effectively

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This article was published on 2010/04/14