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A call answering company will be forming a new division in its phone answering services.

Specialty Answering Service will now offer a call answering for legal advice to help lawyers increase their profits and billable hours.

With a call answering service being offered, the company is now working with hundreds of law firms around the United States and will help answer calls from the public.

If a lawyer is not available when a person calls for them, the answering service is able to take a message and make sure the call is then returned when the lawyer is available again. This will help increase the amount of billable hours a lawyer can charge a client as they will be working specifically on their individual case.

By taking messages when a person calls, the amount of billable hours will be increased as the lawyer will have to call the client back and will therefore be spending more time on their case and workload. This will then increase the amount of money the law firm can charge.

According to recent reports, a phone call that is answered by an actual person rather than an answering machine is far more likely to result in a message being left for a call back. This is because many people feel more comfortable speaking to a person rather than just leaving a message with a machine.

Specialty Answering Service offers a range of different packages to suit companies of varying sizes and client bases. Depending on how many calls the company expects in one month, the client can buy a small or larger scale package which means that more calls will be answered.

The company does not only offer these services in the legal sector however as it also has experience in answering calls in sectors such as the health and property management sectors.
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Call Answering Service For Legal Advice

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This article was published on 2011/02/04